Webinar on the unrecognised burden of XLH in adults

This webinar was organised to draw attention to the urgent challenges facing adults with XLH by sharing views from patient organisations, clinicians and researchers. We hope to provide information on the unmet needs of adults with XLH, and to give evidence on current and future approaches to treatment and research in adult care. Our stakeholders will also debate ideas to support our call to action to improve the lives of adults with XLH.

Download the white paper – Unrecognised burden of XLH in adults

Panel and Presentations:
02:45 Tenna Toft Sylvest (Denmark), Oliver Gardiner (UK),
09:59 Pol Harvengt (Belgium)
27:56 Prof. Richard Keen (UK),
40:25 Prof. Karl Insogna (USA)
52:13 Prof. Peter Kamenický (France)
01:03:06 Q&A

Moderator: Elizabeth Olear (USA)

This information should not serve as medical advice or instruction. Please always consult your healthcare professional in the first instance.

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