Today is International XLH Awareness Day!!!

Earlier this year we surveyed 350 adults with XLH to look at the current care standards that we receive. Comparing the current care standards to the clinical recommendations for the care and management of XLH (Haffner D, et al. Nat Rev Nephrol 2019;15(7):435-455.) the alliance found clear areas for improvement.

To make the paper more accessible and improve the lives of those with XLH, we reviewed the paper and worked with an illustrator to create 12 beautiful illustrations inspired by the recommendations from the clinical paper.

To help you access your best care, we have compiled the 12 illustrations into an accessible infographic which you can download here:…/10/XLH_Infographic_Poster_A4.pdf

More details about the campaign can be found here:

Best Care – 12 recommendations, International XLH Alliance